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International breakfast

1 min read

My kitchen table this morning:

🐝 Honey from Hawaii

🐮 Butter from Ireland

🍁 Crackers from Canada

🍫 Chocolate from São Tomé and Príncipe

🍑 A peach from Washington

🍌 A banana from ? (Central America?)

🍵 Tea from China

🍞 Bread, 🌸 flowers and 🌿 cannabis from Oregon


Sext: soporific spores

Yogi beer

1 min read

I attended a yin yoga class with a new teacher this afternoon. She seemed familiar, and after class, we connected and she reminded me that we recognize each other from her previous work at a brewpub in my neighborhood. 😄🙏

This is nearly the opposite of an effective pitch for widespread IndieWeb adoption. I know that's not really what you were writing to do, but... yeah.


The combined efforts of my teammate Phillip's banana-tossing skills, my luck at Donkey Kong, and our ability to estimate the banana-weight of things earned us the silver at Bananalympics! We advanced to the finals and played a long, drawn out round of colosseum jenga against the other finalists. Alas, the jenga tower fell on my turn, but we did good.

"We recline in celebration of freedom"

Current status: dicking around with Linux, so I can hack on @withknown, because other people can run it without dicking around with Linux.

I must miss work on some level, I bought La Croix in cans

So like what is this

1 min read is an experimental social-network client. It can do Facebook-y, Twitter-y things just fine on its own, and also echo those things out to Facebook or Twitter, making them a part of your existing social fabric.

It also supports many emerging technologies that can do that Facebooky stuff without involving or requiring a central server - you simply follow another site, and your contributions to discussions you join on posts over there actually live here. Over time, the goal is to fully replace the centralized social networks, and make the Internet a network again.

If you'd like to be a part of the experiment, apply to join.

OH: "I'm kind of shamanic-depressive"

Living in the now-ish

Downtown Seattle and other huge wastes of time

But Twitter's also a publisher, and the movable boundaries of audience, and enough other problems that hey: maybe Twitter is the WRONG TOOL.

Thing is (he said, sure the wrong crowd wasn't listening), Twitter isn't just a private venue. It's like if pre-breakup AT&T could ban you.

Turn it off.

@JacksonTegu this is what getting old is like

@fabiansociety "taking" in what sense

@JacksonTegu hmmm I am not familiar with some of these pokemon

Lesser Know Fiend Folio Entries

1 min read

Swiss Cheese Knight

HP: 2D4

STR: 2

INT: 1

A tiny knight made from swiss cheese. Usually created by a wizard who's trying to eat less fat in their diet, or is lactose intolerant, but still has cheese to use up and a lair to defend. Has a tiny squeaky voice usually saying something like "I shouldn't be alive!" or "Please, end this farce... and my life!" and "Why have the sandwich gods forsaken me?"