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"Pain" by De La Soul featuring Snoop Dogg is my new jam. 🎶

@rikmende maybe? I'm using Known on mobile, and it's mostly just slightly worse. (but I had to open my laptop to use Known to reply to you!)

I love how happy it's making people, but Pokemon Go does make me feel like I'm getting just a little dumber every moment I spend playing.

The black men who run the gaming podcast @SpawnOnMe have, understandably, had a bad week. But they made a show you should hear:

@keystricken they do have blocklists as well, but yeah, all these are useful for bad actors. recent convo seems to be leaving that out.

But yeah... I'm not really posting these from out of for a reason. But uh, create an account today

The stuff that's *better* comes with Web Access Control and better readers. Or ind13w3b may become *less bad* if Twitter makes bad calls.

But yeah, once you get into cross-site replies, the experience is materially worse. tries hard, but it's inherently kinda fragile.

I'm still thinking about "we own our data" - IPFS has "cabals" of users automatically mirroring each other's stuff. Maybe an anti-abuse win?

Trouble with Ind13w3b so far is it gets you wins of principle, but not of practice. No part of my experience or yours is *better* for this.

Nasty backlinks destroyed. is once again a loyal servant.

Also in the news is Pokemon GO, a bold project to discover the world's worst Pokemon trainer which succeeded in less than 72 hours. It's me is back, in all its deeply sub-par glory. you will have to recreate your account, which i... think is currently possible? anyway.