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First-time bananalympian

International breakfast

1 min read

My kitchen table this morning:

🐝 Honey from Hawaii

🐮 Butter from Ireland

🍁 Crackers from Canada

🍫 Chocolate from São Tomé and Príncipe

🍑 A peach from Washington

🍌 A banana from ? (Central America?)

🍵 Tea from China

🍞 Bread, 🌸 flowers and 🌿 cannabis from Oregon


Yogi beer

1 min read

I attended a yin yoga class with a new teacher this afternoon. She seemed familiar, and after class, we connected and she reminded me that we recognize each other from her previous work at a brewpub in my neighborhood. 😄🙏


The combined efforts of my teammate Phillip's banana-tossing skills, my luck at Donkey Kong, and our ability to estimate the banana-weight of things earned us the silver at Bananalympics! We advanced to the finals and played a long, drawn out round of colosseum jenga against the other finalists. Alas, the jenga tower fell on my turn, but we did good.