I used to commute on the bus and on foot nearly every day. Yesterday my car was in the shop and I did that type of commuting and today I am so sore.

This morning I got up, went for a run, and then carefully explained the current state of gender to my boomer mom. That's a lot of work for one morning! May I rest for the rest of the day?

Nothing is quite as funny and charming as a cat who had anesthesia earlier in the day and can't focus his eyes on you well, but is super into being pet right now.

Problem: too many books on hold at the library.
Related problem: they bunch up so sometimes I get a huge pile of them and sometimes I have none.


I guess I'll just keep thinking about this for a while rather than posting to my professional page about it. Maybe next time I'm coincidentally present for an event like this I can ruminate publicly. This time I'll let it go.

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But I'm also so aware that when this kind of thing is in the news, people are more likely to feel suicidal and act on those feelings. It's important to provide resources for those folks so they can make more effective long term choices for themselves and their communities.

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I find myself in this weird position of wanting to write something about it to share on my professional pages, but also not wanting to butt myself into this community's tragedy. Her death is not an excuse to market my clinic.

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Last week I was present when first responders were responding to someone having completed suicide near my home. By coincidence, the woman was a friend of a friend, so social media told me more things about her after the fact.

Transition, age, why now 

What I need someone to tell me, so I tell myself. Maybe you need to hear it too:

You didn't transition late. You didn't transition early. You transitioned when some combination of necessary conditions were met for you to transition. There may have been other conditions which would have allowed you to transition at other times, perhaps sooner, perhaps later but these were the ones that did. And you're here now.

I like the part of living in the future where ebooks just show up on my devices when they're checked out of the library. I don't like the part of living in the future where I don't have stacks of enticing books sitting around on my desk.

Half of my new job is sitting in on my boss's appointments and scribing her charts for her. When I get a chance to see my own patients and write my own charts I get excited and it doesn't feel like _work_ anymore. A good reminder that I'm in the right line of work, even if I'm back in the apprentice position.

Anyways, I don't know how to social media anymore. I used to think I did, but I guess things change?

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A funny thing happened where I now have a professional life and it's a lot harder to decide to post things publicly on the internet. I made a birdsite account for my professional life, but I haven't posted anything there and I've gone quiet over here.

At a concert where O Magnum Mysterium has been programmed next to O Superman. 😙👌

Machine learning suggesting I read an article about machine learning.

Nothing like the first shower after dyeing my hair! Looks like a killed a smurf in the tub with my bare hands.

Some mornings I sleep through my alarm and end up with a cat sleeping draped across my pelvis.

Spending my sick day logging into work remotely and writing papers for school and dealing with my insurance problems. This isn't very restful, but at least I can wear jeans and a sweatshirt.

Found it! Citation under the cut. 

Peitzmeier S, Gardner I, Weinand J, Corbet A, Acevedo K. Health impact of chest binding among transgender adults: a community-engaged, cross-sectional study. Culture, Health & Sexuality. 2017;19(1):64-75. doi:10.1080/13691058.2016.1191675

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So far all I can find is articles written by people named "Binder" on topics related to thoracic injuries.

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