Housemate boiled two beets yesterday for hours and they didn’t cook through. Now they are sitting on the stove in a pot with no water in it. And that’s how you make haunted beets

Every home in America should have a kaiju room, full of little model buildings, where consenting adults can dress up like kaiju and enjoy a little horseplay.

Twitter name-all-your-RPG-designs game but I’m doing it here:

The Hero Game
Unspecified Waterfowl TTRPG
Boyscout Superheroes Do Amazing Deeds

infotainment high-five apophenia markup language support system

What if writing my name didn’t feel so dutiful

Our selves are the proof that knowledge is not power

I’m asleep at one wheel and Jesus took the other

First Message. 5:12 p.m.

Thank you for your phone number and your full name. I will take care of them. I will return them soon. When I am done.

If you get sad, find me à̸͓̫̟̞͢m̖̩̠̩o̵̸̮̝̤ͅn̻̣ͅg̴͉͇͇͟ ̵̱̥ţ͎̗͔͢h̡̤̗̜̞͖͉́e̴̸̠͎̣̜̪̤̙̼ ̶͉̫͔̲̠̀̕c̬̬̮̬͈̟ơ̢̛͉̭̖͉̭̦̗w̷̯̘͉̯̕͢ͅs͈̘͢ ̢̧̻̭̮̗͞ͅa̢̘̻͓͔͉͇͇̰͟ͅn̳͕̤̱̰̬͡d͕̩͔̩͎͍̙̜̻̕ ̥̙̮͔͞b̸̧̖̭͝a̵̧͓̟̯̞̩r̶͏̘̰͉̘̰͈̙̞͞l̛̹̦͈͔e̷̪̙͎͓͖̳͈̮͞y͏̶̹̘̬͖̪̕

To Repeat This Message, Press 1.
To Delete This Message, Press 2.
Who Are You, Press 3.
Where Are You Now, Press 4.

My iPad steadfastly refuses to acknowledge the existence of iOS 13 and it is annoying me right in the face

The new brockhampton shit is really fucking good

"There's no law that says a dog can't scoop up legal rights to all major oil deposits in the region while having a strained relationship with its son." - Air Will Be Bud

What is posting on the internet?

Has it become just fundamentally an act of putting the cart before the horse, as far as motives to express yourself are concerned?

Web development is the only thing I’m passably good at. Is it still a defensible thing to do?

violence christianity 




Can anyone tell me what the weather is like

Thank you

So far I haven’t found any cuts of the Cats trailer where somebody plugs in Sonic saying “uhhh, meow?” but I haven’t worked that hard at it

I saw this and it took a good five minutes for me to realize that it wasn’t a slogan, they were telling you how to pronounce his name

But it’s cool because I spent the time reaching for a joke about Democrats masturbating to pics of cops in riot gear

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