j/k I do. But to say more than that would be to retroactively need a uspol warning

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I have feelings about what should be done with Tomorrowland, and I vote

I'm gonna miss this thing of going to shows without leaving my house. (If it goes away.) youtube.com/watch?v=lX_lPsuA6G

violent us history 

I don't know a lot about Kent State but lately I've been thinking about it a lot. Someone made me aware yesterday that May 4 is its anniversary date.

If it weren't for a Star Wars pun, maybe we'd be talking about it. It sure seems relevant.

Just spent a solid 2 minutes at the bar trying to figure out which “oldie” they were playing a cover of. Realized it was the fucking Strokes and I was five years out of college. BRB gonna go wither into dust

Took a job! With a (checks notes) early stage startup?

Christ, I’m having a weird day

I chickened out. I don't really have the temperament for protest.

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while you were doing hardcore graphics programming i studied the blade, and by "studied the blade" i mean that i made this. check it out ->


I just made a sign. With a box and two Sharpies. I live on a feeder street onto the freeway; figure I'll hold it out there in the morning.

I grew up in Berkeley but I've never done this before. Does it look okay?

Dear Mastodon, did you know I'm looking for work? I am. Still a front end-leaning dev after 24 years, focused on React and Node rn. Hoping for Portland-local but whatever

sounds vaguely dirty but isn't 

spent half the night half-awake, half-dreaming that Facebook was a DAW on which I was sounding my personal oscillator

strong opinion about food 

All jellybeans should be Starburst jellybeans. Do not fight me. I will prevail

Housemate boiled two beets yesterday for hours and they didn’t cook through. Now they are sitting on the stove in a pot with no water in it. And that’s how you make haunted beets

Every home in America should have a kaiju room, full of little model buildings, where consenting adults can dress up like kaiju and enjoy a little horseplay.

Twitter name-all-your-RPG-designs game but I’m doing it here:

The Hero Game
Unspecified Waterfowl TTRPG
Boyscout Superheroes Do Amazing Deeds

infotainment high-five apophenia markup language support system

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