rpg-ish: fixing ghosts 

Ghosts are boring: jump scares, eww don't touch me, unfinished business.

Let's fix them.

1) A ghost can represent the fact that /even death won't let you escape consequences/. What's more scary than "more of the same?" The weight of a ghost that has more reports to staple. The threat is that even /you/ will never be /done./

2) A ghost can represent a trap. It looks like a human, maybe someone you knew, but it's a spectral anglerfish lure that wants you to investigate.


rpg-ish: fixing ghosts 

@signalstation taking a tip from Planetary, ghosts as a fuel leak. If the dead are escaping the afterworld, that could mean anything from a mere fire hazard to a pending explosion of something much worse than death itself.

rpg-ish: fixing ghosts 


I actually found myself thinking of a room where more and more ghosts keep showing up until you'd have to squeeze past them, like at a crowded house party, or as cramming into a Tokyo rush hour train, but didn't have a decent way to summarize it, so I didn't add it.

rpg-ish: fixing ghosts 

@signalstation what does it feel like to squeeze past a ghost

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