total dear diary: horror RPG stuff 

total dear diary: horror RPG stuff 

"There's no law that says a dog can't scoop up legal rights to all major oil deposits in the region while having a strained relationship with its son." - Air Will Be Bud

What is posting on the internet?

Has it become just fundamentally an act of putting the cart before the horse, as far as motives to express yourself are concerned?

Web development is the only thing I’m passably good at. Is it still a defensible thing to do?

@signalstation playing the long game, I like it. Get them through the mycelium, they never see it coming

violence christianity 

Can anyone tell me what the weather is like

Thank you

So far I haven’t found any cuts of the Cats trailer where somebody plugs in Sonic saying “uhhh, meow?” but I haven’t worked that hard at it

I saw this and it took a good five minutes for me to realize that it wasn’t a slogan, they were telling you how to pronounce his name

But it’s cool because I spent the time reaching for a joke about Democrats masturbating to pics of cops in riot gear

I think I blocked that instance. Not sure I did it right. It’s surprisingly difficult to find instructions.

That was both a ripoff of @signalstation and literally about him

Are wizened old soothsayers creeping about in the shadows? We asked the experts

What is the best Content Fooling-around System for websites

Don't forget to enter the woods this 4th of July to leave a hot dog on top of any tree stump ringed with mushroom caps.

Staying in the kindly ones' good graces is the only way to ensure they'll continue to bring about the end of empire.

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