Don’t think I’m gonna stream tonight, gonna chill. Honestly Sunday night isn’t the best time slot for me. We’ll see.

(Plus I got a new video synth and need to learn it)

If you’re going to choose not to do things the way you have to do them at the last second, you should probably decide that before the last second.

@signalstation there’s a book out on hearts called THE WET ENGINE

I’m gonna start trying to be regular again about streaming some synth play on Twitch on Sunday evenings Pacific time. Stop by and enjoy some weird noises with me!

(Probably I’ll forget to look at chat until you’ve logged off, though. That is how it usually goes.)

@signalstation why quit Facebook when you can pour bug poison into it

Today I learned there is a semi-literal sense in which an audio circuit that’s feeding back is screaming about an existential crisis

I’d rather be divided by zero than carried by six

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Toffifay! The candy that’s just barely too weird to die

Free slogan: “Heroes aren’t born. That’s the end of our slogan.”

@signalstation a smartwatch AI that is only smart enough to enjoy annoying its owner by pretending this is happening

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@signalstation rules: regular sword fighting rules, but each player resolves them separately in secret

Princess Adelaides everywhere and not a cough to whoop

RPG character idea dumping ground: The Suck-It-Up-Buttercup Cleric Show more

RPG character idea dumping ground: The Suck-It-Up-Buttercup Cleric Show more

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