@signalstation ikr. what part of “walls” do you not understand

total dear diary 

@signalstation okay, need to see this

Truthfully I don’t really care about the experience of anyone who has to touch code? I mean, if you have to touch code to get stuff done I need to know that

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Someone tell me why Drupal is great or sucks

"It's PHP" is not allowed as a reason (for either)

too many ideas for computer games and associated difficult-to-execute foolishness

I could ask dall-e mini but I know what it's going to say

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Tired: owlbears
Wired: owlcats

This is the kind of thing people post with accompanying visual evidence, and yet

My oven always starts its temperature-setter at 350, likely because that is what it usually ends up being. I can't decide whether this is ferociously irritating or the best possible design choice, and I vote

@A8bit EXCLUSIVE teenage engineering's next product leaked

This isn't even the Main Street USA of hellworld. This is just when you're inside the ticket gates and standing around looking at the train station and checking the map and shit

j/k I do. But to say more than that would be to retroactively need a uspol warning

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I have feelings about what should be done with Tomorrowland, and I vote

@signalstation hey, it's Judd! He designed a cool thing or two back in the day

I'm gonna miss this thing of going to shows without leaving my house. (If it goes away.) youtube.com/watch?v=lX_lPsuA6G

violent us history 

I don't know a lot about Kent State but lately I've been thinking about it a lot. Someone made me aware yesterday that May 4 is its anniversary date.

If it weren't for a Star Wars pun, maybe we'd be talking about it. It sure seems relevant.

Just spent a solid 2 minutes at the bar trying to figure out which “oldie” they were playing a cover of. Realized it was the fucking Strokes and I was five years out of college. BRB gonna go wither into dust

Took a job! With a (checks notes) early stage startup?

Christ, I’m having a weird day

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