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I’ve started vlogging again but I don’t use a camera I just do this

I get that spiders have to put up webs but do they have to leave them up at night?? Rude

The fact that horror movies exist is so natural and so heartbreaking

The question is not whether any of the scooter companies are paying people to ride around on them looking purposeful and cool. The question is whether all of them are

Holding the fucking thing in front of me like I might make a wry comment to Siri any second

Frankly I’m tempted to just listen to a podcast on the phone speakers until I get home

Out for a walk and realized a ways in that I didn’t have my earbuds in my pocket like always. So I decided, let’s go with it, just enjoy the night and real sounds and my own thoughts. And I’d just like to say for the record, that it’s fucking terrible

oh no i got bit by a stapler now every full moon i'm a stapler

please, constance, lock me in the tower or all of our correspondence and receipts and diaries and the library and the toilet paper will all suffer

Where do the fun programmers hang out and talk about doing wacky programs

In this episode Nog can't control their holodeck addiction but also convinces Admiral Fraiser to take Space LSD.

Happy Labor Day Eve. Don’t forget to leave cookies and milk out for Karl Marx tonight



attn locals 

attn locals 

ALERT: your computer has one (1) virus, and it’s You,

uspol i guess? 

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