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thinking about how old biblical stories are basically bronze age black mirror

sodom and gomorrah: "what if cities...but too much"
tower of babel: "what if monumental architecture...but too much"
shadrach, meshach and abednigo: "what if smelting furnaces...but too much"

Existence is a cruel joke and/or warm puppy

starting a local chapter of the Democratic Nihilists of America (DNA)

What is the point of doing anything if it isn't snacks

hate when I’m at a punk show and kids in front form a molt pit. Skin flying everywhere

My exhibition GAMES ABOUT PROTEST opens at Babycastles Gallery this Thursday at 7PM! Tabletop, digital and roleplaying games developed over the last hundred years that all explore political protest, direct action and riots through their mechanics. Brought together for the first time! See you there. Tell a comrade.

I just "elevated" a dish because I was out of the cheaper ingredient I really wanted am I an asshole vote now 🔘 🔘

I have some problems would you like some

This ambient experimental electronic music cassette anthology just got hella normie on me, is how I communicate my exact age and location in a way only humans and not algorithms can interpret correctly

Time is a flat circle, and not even a very attractive one

If I didn't know better I'd think this is how I'm spending my life

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Maybe everyone stayed in because they looked out their windows and whispered “summer is over” simultaneously

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