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Note to self: look up D&D 4th edition skill challenges for CrunchyTime Adventures purposes

spoonerism, dumb 

Music festival called Infestinal Tortitude

Princess Adelaides everywhere and not a cough to whoop


It turns out that having a deeply pessimistic view of politics and the future of the species is a mixed bag. It obviously has psychological rewards or people wouldn't do it, and I am no exception. But it takes some getting used to.

I kept getting worked up, for example, about the fact that I have to go into work tomorrow and work several hours that the company will not pay for.

Interestingly, it took being in a generally good mood to realize that, well, yeah, of course I do.


I’m too old to be an x-ennial but I’m not too old to be burnt out as fuck

rpg, design 

It’s time to dig into The Adventure Zone. Something’s in it, I just have to figure out what.

6 Unique Baby Shower Gifts for ~Cool~ New Moms-to-Be 

1) A Baby Storage Gel to protect your baby from gravity shifts at full thrust

2) A cool looking stick

3) Arcade tokens for the arcade that closed down decades ago but sometimes still lights up at night and the door is ajar, so...

4) The Duchy of Vinyardistelm, its ceremonial mace and a legion of foot soldiers

5) A Get-Out-of-Mommyhood-Free card (expired)

6) A issue of the X-Men where you've pasted baby heads over every Wolverine head

my 2019 pledge: no matter how many times I'm hit with a hammer, I will not explode into a shower of coins

I couldn’t find my travel mug this morning, so I just carried a regular ceramic mug with me on my walk. It’s amazing how cold coffee gets when you do that and how quickly it happens.

I mean, I know that’s the entire reason travel mugs exist. I’ve just never been faced with the reality before.

Physics: they work, and it sucks. This has been Mike Sugarbaker, urging you to vote No on physics

heck yeah I got "seasonal depression!"

All these

Never again.


Let’s bring back the gas face

re: re: re: re: RE: FWD: FWD: ha ha 

You hit "show more" instead of "mark as spam".


&🤚 < Hi! I'm Ampersand, your digital buddy!! Do you like coupons or grandchildren? High five me to 'download' me like that nice young boy Tron from the movies!

for small business saturday, please consider giving your local merchants a thimble they can use as a chair, or a bobbin they can eat their meals on

I own a ludicrous number of screens. It’s true. The most ridiculous part is that some things only go on some screens and not others.

me: i know that the universe is definitely toroidal

god: how'd you figure it out?

me: well, modulo operator is the easiest way to do bounds-checking, and i KNOW that youre at least as lazy as me

god: thats really insulting. Fucker

Inside your skeleton is another skeleton. It’s skeletons all the way down

spooky million dollar idea 

A team of benevolent guerrilla Halloween decorators called the Volunteer Dire Brigade

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