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The depression, meanwhile, is about my day job, and it’s been leading me to fantasies about becoming a professional streamer of a game I’ve yet to get my hands on.

Something’s not healthy about this. Being excited about a thing is okay, but this sort of all-encompassing tool feels a little like moral hazard. I don’t want to disappear, even into this.

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So I’ve been pretty obsessed with a thing. Also I’ve been pretty depressed.

The thing is a PS4 game called Dreams, coming out tomorrow after being first announced like five years ago. It’s from the LittleBigPlanet people. It is basically their level-building stuff, turned into the entire product. Like, there’s a more or less complete music software package in there, along with basically everything else you need to make an actual AAA game (not that those are any sort of objective standard).

Everything, all the time over and over, is the last text you sent. Go. Please.

He’s a maniac, maniac on the floor / and he’s lying there just like he has before

I wish I could stop being interested in new things, at least until I'm any good at all at the old things

what's up youtube today we're doing the around-the-cup challenge where we sip from a cup, then rotate it a little, sip again, then keep going until we've sipped from every last bit of the lip and gone full circle and this will help us forget

this will help us forget

but dont forget to like comment subscribe donate patreon venmo kofi gofundme and if you can't eat the whole cup, if the ceramic really scrapes your mouth out check back next week for our new video okay byeeeee

In restless pursuit of novelty I keep fucking with projects that I know I’m going to drop like a rock when Dreams comes out

Yeah, Sunday nights are bad for streaming. Fridays or Saturdays would be best except for their dangerous odds of either you, me, or both of us wanting to do something else. Hmmmm

There's no law that says there can only be one NASA. I've got my own NASA.


We just build giant slingshots and on the day we find a big enough rubber band, we're launching my step-dad to Mars. (He's excited about it.)

Don’t think I’m gonna stream tonight, gonna chill. Honestly Sunday night isn’t the best time slot for me. We’ll see.

(Plus I got a new video synth and need to learn it)

If you’re going to choose not to do things the way you have to do them at the last second, you should probably decide that before the last second.

I’m gonna start trying to be regular again about streaming some synth play on Twitch on Sunday evenings Pacific time. Stop by and enjoy some weird noises with me!

(Probably I’ll forget to look at chat until you’ve logged off, though. That is how it usually goes.)

Today I learned there is a semi-literal sense in which an audio circuit that’s feeding back is screaming about an existential crisis

I’d rather be divided by zero than carried by six

I don’t have any time-idea-money

Sometimes I wish I could take all the autocomplete suggestions at once and just let them be in a quantum superposition

Toffifay! The candy that’s just barely too weird to die

Free slogan: “Heroes aren’t born. That’s the end of our slogan.”


Note to self: look up D&D 4th edition skill challenges for CrunchyTime Adventures purposes

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