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New workplace is seriously challenging my ability to tell white people apart

Waluigi’s Mansion could be the reverse-Scooby Doo game I think we’ve discussed here before - try to make it look like there are ghosts and scare Mario and his friends away

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Luigi wouldn’t trash a hotel unless he had good motives, though. Although that makes me think, hapless destruction should enter the diegetic level of games more often. I want the GTA where you go from nobody to the most feared gangster in town, entirely accidentally and mostly without noticing.

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I mean, they could have saved the dev budget they spent on all the ghosts, I would have played it if it was just Luigi Trashes A Hotel

I think it shouldn’t be this hot. That’s how I feel

Meet the new boss, same as the slightly used boss

Milestone: my life is now organized such that a new Neal Stephenson book can come out and I won’t find out for months. I wonder how long it’s been this way.

I am still drawn to every LEGO set that looks like a mech even though they’re all essentially the same

Per last night’s half awake dream times, a good trick in the zombie apocalypse is to cross a river and wash away any pursuers. Correspondingly, don’t hang out near the shore because that’s where they all end up. Hope this helps

why are you still reading, language is a trap, go bay at the moon in your native guttural thoughtless language and be free

The depression, meanwhile, is about my day job, and it’s been leading me to fantasies about becoming a professional streamer of a game I’ve yet to get my hands on.

Something’s not healthy about this. Being excited about a thing is okay, but this sort of all-encompassing tool feels a little like moral hazard. I don’t want to disappear, even into this.

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So I’ve been pretty obsessed with a thing. Also I’ve been pretty depressed.

The thing is a PS4 game called Dreams, coming out tomorrow after being first announced like five years ago. It’s from the LittleBigPlanet people. It is basically their level-building stuff, turned into the entire product. Like, there’s a more or less complete music software package in there, along with basically everything else you need to make an actual AAA game (not that those are any sort of objective standard).

Everything, all the time over and over, is the last text you sent. Go. Please.

He’s a maniac, maniac on the floor / and he’s lying there just like he has before

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