6. I catch myself attempting to compose poems that are really just lists of boys i fucked or times I almost died, like if i could just untangle my twenties i might end up saying something really powerful about life.

sorry if these cookies taste a little weird, I think I might have accidentally made gendersnaps

@aurant like it could be that someone else mashed up those ideas but it just looks a lot like the one you made

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@aurant my friend from work just handed me a sticker that her partner gave her that i think is your trantifa logo

no YOU stayed up til 4am because you got excited about the colour transition in YOUR shawl and couldn't resist knitting just a few rows in

also has anyone noticed that the newish neko case album is really good??!

just real full of slow burnin ballads and torch songs and hilarious deadpan one-liners about surviving

it makes me wanna make mixtapes again it's that good

so good wanna tear it apart and put its pieces up beside other ones and go LOOK! LOOK!

i had like half a coffee and successfully cut a bunch of root vegetables that were hiding in the cupboard and now im ELECTRIC

dead pet 

we buried whitesnake with an eggshell from their egg treats, a tube, a gem from badger, a fig and an apple for the fruit thief, some flowers for us, and ginkgo leaves for burrowing and memory

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i have been so moved by the shadows, the heart folx new podcast. lots of feelings about desire, about a being weird wild one, about trying to love and love and love

"i will not be friends with Jennifer, i will never be friends with Jennifer. you can't make me be friends with Jennifer, only God can make me be friends with Jennifer. I will sit with Jennifer in a car but that's all. I will not be friends with Jennifer"

deeply relating to this old woman in the drugstore having a loud phone conversation about the specifics of her feelings about jennifer

you know that radiohead video where the man in a suit lays down and then everyone else also lays down

that, but im wearing floral and polka dots

knitting jargon 

this project has an i-cord bind off and the next project starts with an i-cord and... i don't want to do i-cord anymore.... i am in i-cord eternity

at the vet
the resident parrot mostly just makes sounds like someone in crushing pain but they just made a sound that started like a phone before morphing into the painscream and
big mood re: phones, huh.

ok if my math is correct I have only about 4000 stitches, or somewhere between 2-3 hours until I'm working on the border of this shawl. then... idk, I hear borders take some time. but I a not far from finishing my first knitting project!

6th edition dungeons and dragons is rebranding as G&G

goblins and gentrification

someone in the airport is describing the plot to Harry potter and the goblet of fire but just called it the 'second movie' and i... don't really know how that is possible

concept: a mixtape but i play all the songs

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